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Wuji Qigong Reviews

This scholarly book explores the metaphysical basis and practice of WuJiShi QiGong, a very deep and ancient path for longevity and spiritual development. Written for serious students, it hones in on the essential practice. Those who train with an accomplished teacher will find it even more valuable. By making knowledge of WuJiShi QiGong accessible, Stephen Elliott brings a special gift to Western practitioners. This challenging and worthwhile form of practice is made available for those wishing to join mind, body, and spirit.
Dr. Richard Brown, M.D.
It is with great pleasure and some small measure of pride that I recommend this book, Wuji Qi Gong, by my former student and assistant instructor from The Gompa Center, Stephen Elliott. Mr. Elliott is a most erudite scholar of oriental mythology, science, history and Daoist longevity concepts. This volume is a testament to his ability to penetrate into the mysteries of Daoist esoteric knowledge in a way that few Westerners are capable of, while making these principles and concepts clear to the general public. Mr. Elliott’s ability to break these difficult concepts down to understandable theories and exercises that make sense to the reader is nothing short of revolutionary and much needed in today’s over stressed world.
John P. Painter, Ph.D., ND, Director of The Gompa Center for Chinese and Tibetan Internal Martial Arts and Health Studies
I have found Wuji Qi Gong to be a very clear sustainable practice which will lead to significant improvement in physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Stephen Elliott and Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin have correctly understood and described the approach to qi cultivation as articulated in traditional literature via descriptions of the process of the reversal and intermingling of the elemental relationships of the body. To be able to apprehend and share in a practical way the fruits of Eastern natural sciences is a significant accomplishment reflecting decades of effort and experimentation. Wuji Qigong additionally rests on the authors' substantial understanding of western physiology and is positioned to contribute to any future dialogues on the scientific exploration of the development of human potential. To reconcile the insights of the past with the terms of the future is to live most fully in the present. Like the ancient sages, the authors have indeed pointed the way.
Brian McKenna DOM, Lic. Ac.

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